Football Party Madness? How to Remove Those Party Carpet Stains

The game has been played, the halftime show watched, and those famous big game commercials rated among friends and family. And the best part of the whole show? The fantastic food you served. Long after your delicious party food has been devoured and guests have gone and you’ve mustered up the energy to start post-game cleanup you discover….carpet stains! Like the players on the field, your best weapon of defense is strategic thinking and a quick-on-your-feet approach. Here’s our guide:

First things’ first: assess the competition. Are you battling food or beverage stains? Have the stains set in and dried or are they still relatively fresh? This analysis is important for you to diagnose the condition your carpet fibers are in before settling on a line of attack. For the sake of this article, we’re assuming that the stains are pretty fresh and party-related. Read on for tips.

Beverage stains, especially red fruit punch stains or red wine.

Red stains are tricky; especially those child-friendly fruit punch mixes, because the dye used is notoriously tough to remove from carpet fibers. The important thing here is technique: you want to blot but not by way of applying pressure. The best method is to use a spot cleaner, or dishwashing detergent (a few drops diluted in two cups of warm water) and a white, or light-colored towel. Now, this probably seems like a bad idea – why stain a perfectly good white towel, right? But as you soak up the stain you’ll want to be able to see it come through the towel. Apply the towel to the affected carpet area and gently blot, taking care to not apply deep pressure, and to move the towel so fresh spots are available as you work. Also important to remember: do not rub.

As you work to remove the stain, the red color should gradually lighten until you can no longer see anything and your carpet is clean. Some methods recommend using a warm iron, set on the lowest setting, applied to several layers of towels. If you attempt this method, remember not to press the iron, but simply let it rest on the towels.

Food stains.

Usually you can break up food stains and vacuum the area, repeatedly, until the ufabet มือถือ เว็บออนไลน์ offender is gone. If you’re working with barbecue, dressings, and dip stains get ready to roll up your sleeves for some stain-tackling work.