Football Card Review – 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Sports Cards

If you liked the look of last years Heroes sets, then you will like the look of the 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Set. Heroes Football looks almost identical to last year’s set, but has a little bit of a Pieces of History feel to it as well. I still dislike the design, but it has grown on me since experiencing 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football firsthand.

I love the fact that Upper Deck has demonstrated such a strong commitment to featuring on-card autographs in their sports card sets. They distribute more on-card autographs in their products then any other card company, and 2009 Heroes Football is a fantastic example of this. Every autographed card (and there are a lot of them) in the set has been signed on-card. This, combined with the set’s strong autograph checklist, makes for some incredible potential autograph pulls.

I was happy with the overall box break, but was especially pleased with my autograph pulls. Never in a million years did I expect to pull a card autographed by Tony Iommi, one of the founding members of Black Sabbath. I’m not a huge fan of Black Sabbath but that แทงบอล doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a card as cool as this.

I also pulled an on-card autograph of NFL Hall of Famer Paul Hornung. This is a great addition to my Hall of Famer collection and is another genuinely great looking on-card signature. Hornung even went out of his way to inscribe his jersey number on the card.

You will be very hard pressed to find a 2009 football card product that gives you more bang for your buck then 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football does. Each hobby box yields a robust average of 2 autographed cards and 2 game used memorabilia cards each, as well as an abundance of inserts and rookie cards. Throw in the fact that it is being sold at a lower mid end price point, and 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football is one heck of a great value.

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football sports a very diverse checklist that few products can match. The base set is essentially made up of 5 different types of cards – NFL Legends, NFL Rookies, active NFL Veterans, Celebrities (mainly rock stars), and non-football Athletes. Many subjects from each of these groups also have autographed cards for the set as well.

The only problem I have with the 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football checklist is that it featu