How To Get Affordable Carpet Cleaners

You have a stain and now what do you do with it? You’ve cleaned with everything under the sun and the stain is still tough even look at you straight in the eye. It is time to get down and dirty with stains and call to the professionals. Now you know you need to call someone but what types of cleaning services for carpets are there? What is right for you and you’re Stain? There are many types of cleaning services for carpets there can then take a deeper look at what are your choices.

Next task is to use your garden hose to spray the carpeting in order to remove the bleach and what is remained of dirt and moss. After that use a wet or dry vacuum to vacuum the floor covering and to prevent moisture from staying in the fibres.

I clicked on one ad and learned that if I lived in the United Kingdom and could organize a Reiki training class for at least 5 other people, then the fee for my training would be waived. Plus, I could earn money if I referred more students. That one read more like a marketing campaign than a Reiki informational site.

Though you can decide to do carpet cleaning on your own, but it requires a lot of investment. You have to buy a costly carpet cleaning system to ensure best results. If you clean the carpet yourself, then you should first vacuum the entire carpet area so that the loose particles are off the carpet. You have to shift all other things like furniture to other room so that the dust does not spill over them.

However with so many corporate executives getting laid off, factory workers loosing jobs left and right, and normal inviduals flat out being told that their services are no longer needed the traditional way of building a home based business is too time consuming. Not only that but it doesn’t yield a profit as fast and requires a lot of time to get started. Not to mention searching for clientsis a task all by itself.

You of course want to save some money, but you can’t expect the final results to be near as nice when you do it yourself. Small carpet cleaners aren’t effective and renting a larger cleaner requires you to haul heavy, expensive equipment from the store to your home and back. You likely don’t know how to operate the equipment and any damage will come out of your pocket, making it more expensive than just hiring the professional Hermosa Beach carpet cleaners sparks from the beginning.

Referrals aside, look for contractors or providers that are the closest to the proposed job site. This is a good factor to consider so you can have a level of confidence that it will be done due to the proximity of the provider location. This will help in preventing future excuses of being late or not showing up at all once the job has been contracted out.

Carpets most commonly used cleaning service is the method of steam cleaning. This method uses hot water to clean the carpet in combination with detergent, then extracted from water, dirt and detergent back out of the carpet with an intense, home improvement, cleaning tips and tools, customer service, business, flooring, home repair, diy

Best Cordless Drill – What To Think About For?

If you’re looking for a craft complete that is real easy, yet in order to look like you slaved away at it, then creating this homemade sign are right for they. Especially if you want come up with a sign you can do hang in real estate and add a bit of of country decor to it. This sign also makes for a great, inexpensive suprise! Read this instructive article and learn how noticable a homemade drilled metal “Home Sweet Home” sign!

The powerful motor within the Milwaukee 2410-22 produces nearly 250 inch-pounds of torque. There are 21 clutch settings for one to choose due to. The drill is also equipped using a two-speed all-metal gearbox and variable speed trigger. The two speed settings include 0-400 RPM and 0-1,500 Revolutions per minute.

The Skil 2412-01 cordless drill features trigger-controlled variable speed. The unit offers a speed through 0 to 650 rotations per fine. You can also operate the drill in both forward or reverse mode. This makes it suitable for removing screws too.

Most people prefer 12v since is actually always lighter and cheaper why 18 volt is exercise fit thinking about drilling job? You must ensure the drills be able to do the drilling and driving with great ease and not stressing your wrist to enjoy the purpose. In other words, you do not want to force too much to drive a 2- inch screw into wood floor or take longer time to drill bigger holes. In the event it happens, it indicates you have to have to upgrade your drill.

And when i spotted out! A small hot pink best cordless drill driver appeared calling my specify. I walked your own that store with my pink drill and drill bits plus everything I want to to hang those work. Feeling empowered with my accomplishment, I thought to visit the store again and speak utilizing the store manager. He quietly listened as I repeated my experience. Experienced found the pink drill but didn’t have customer aid. He helped me get a system box using necessary tools for small jobs around the house.

To replace the refrigerator door seal, you needed to have a nut driver of this proper area. A cordless drill-driver is better option. A magnetic tip will prevent you from going crazy trying maintain the driver, the screw and the seal simultaneously and have you complete activity faster. Lots of screws holding the seal on so be keen. Remove the screws from no a great deal more two sides at a time. One side at a time is more significant. The idea is to prevent the plastic inner door liner from drifting around. Reliable re align it, can in fact long, frustrating process. The new seal will fit just as as aged one shown up.

Depending exactly how to much knowledge about carpentry you have, you may be that will get a little creative. Factors many methods that you can personalize find mantel so that it is your own creation. Mantels may feature ornate designs, carvings, and moldings which can be very irresistible. Remember that a lot personalized your mantle becomes, the more it will accentuate the home.

Running For Weight Loss – How Many Calories A person Burn Running?

It’s well known that exercise can help you burn fat faster than you could have done otherwise. A closer look at picking vital factors for nutrisystem coupons walmart. But how would you begin? What are some exercises to start to reduce weight quickly and not gain it back? This article will answer that enquire about.
Try a side-step squat with a ball functions your arms, abs,torso,legs,inner thighs and butt. Stand along with your feet shoulder width apart holding a 3-4 pound medicine ball in the hands. Bend your arms up make certain the ball is at eye level over your right shoulder. As you bring the balls towards your left knee, get out with your left leg straight. Return to the starting position. Do 10-15 reps and repeat on other leg.
Unless you’re training for a marathon, skip long, slow distance running. Sprinting builds more muscle. Add a few 10 to 60 second sprint to your rush. Slow down just long enough to catch your breath then accomplish it again.
Attack some hills if you’re feeling up to of which. Every so often I join in a hills day. From my house I’m able to do a figure 8 around the blocks. There is really a pretty steep hill that connects them in the residence. Not that long but I’ll sprint up it every time I come around. Then a steady pace until I come back around.
In cardio routines cycling, jogging, walking and stepping always be most popular workouts that help to drop the weight. Power walking, rowing and swimming involves total body workouts and are kind of elliptical training. Excess fat workouts should be achieved properly to achieve desired weight loss with out damaging body and the muscles.
However, there 1 piece of lawn movers you should use in your traveling materials and that is the jump rope a person are want to keep the fitness plan progressing. Jump rope is one exercise equipment you must not keep far aloof from you at any point in time, wherever you proceed to. They don’t weigh anything, require little space , and they are cheap to locate. Most of all they provide the best cardio workouts you can ever think of.
To get extremely out of your workout, you can try a few things like jumping high enough permit you swing the rope twice before landing. Alternating jumps between the nearly everywhere feet instead of just both feet at once. Doable ! equally increase your pace to improve the overall heart rate that help you burn more calories and lose extra load. You may decide to make use of a heavier rope seeking want to delay your upper body muscle endurance.
As you get better, then might do cardio 4-5 times a week, increase the volume of your workout or intensity. There are a lot of options you can choose. The best cardio workouts to burn fat are those, that you enjoy doing. So associated with people get so obsessive about finding the “perfect” cardio workout, which can`t enjoy the whole process. The main thing is being active and burn those calories. Indicates are a beginner then you will suffer fat easily, anyone don`t have comprehend everything about aerobic, health, exercise, health and fitness, fitness equipment, aerobics cardio, weight loss, alternative medicine, build muscle

The 5 Best Foods To Abdomen Fat Fast

How many people take seriously the children’s song about the hip bone and the leg bone being connected? Some basics for consideration with picking out major criteria of cost of nutrisystem per month. The point isn’t which bones connect; everyone knows that leg and hip bones be connected. How interconnected and related the parts of the human body really are is something most individuals don’t ever take a minute to think about. With regards to back and stomach muscles form a girdle about the lower torso, they may take a hit by each other, which illustrates the interconnection point I mentioned above. The strength of the stomach muscles affects your posture that turn will affect how your belly region looks. The subsequent exercises will help you improve your posture and in addition lose that ugly belly fat.
Most of snack foods can function as trigger foods and make you eat more. To ensure that your best bet is to stay with dairy products, creating meals along with a meat and vegetable. Also, stay away from fast foods and table sugar to provide your body a natural way to reduce weight.
The secret’s to see how your body works as well as for you to have a doable plan a person need to can dedicate to place more than a period electrical power. This is not a quick fix. But, remember, it can be done! Consider the turtle approach, slow and steady, and that you will get there.
Do you know how many calories you ought to be eating each day based as part of your age, weight, and activity levels? Concerning how many your currently eating mostly each times? You need this information, and you need it now. So starting today in a journal write down everything you eat for 7 days and high you make from they. At the end of full week get the common.
By putting things off doing ab specific workouts you are losing time where reduce be doing the correct exercises to get rid of belly fat once healthy and balanced . all.
Long period for get the preferred results. As an alternative to doing spot exercises, you’ve to to awareness to doing exercises that target the overall shape. The best approach to make this happen should be to aim at increasing your heart rate for at least 45 minutes or 60 minutes everyday. Cardio to lose belly fat and also other cardiovascular exercises and weight reduction exercises can be a great associated with making that happen. It is studied that any time you start losing overall body weigh, the the spare tire automatically gets tackled.
Running can be fun. It can be easily incorporated into ones daily routine. Dust and grime many different areas of the body, lending to not necessarily a slimmer midline, but more lean muscles and good tone as a whole.
But 100 % possible combine three exercises to 1 workout. Can easily start with a 10 minute jog for a treadmill, and then 10-15 minutes of biking and finally doing ten mins of rowing. If you push yourself hard during each workout then totally . burn a tremendous amount of calories. For instance if you burn 300 calories during a workout anyone workout 4x a week, then would certainly burn 1200 calories 1 week. The better you get the more calories you are able to, health, weight loss, health and fitness, exercise, sports and fitness, wellness

The very best Way To Lose Weight

Believe me, on the contrary, have got doing if the. Sometimes we make a list of how a large amount of us actually sit down and try a hearty breakfast before leaving the second home? Most of us are time pressured first thing in the moment. But in sincerity, it genuinely does require much with regard to you swallow within the car of wholegrain cereal with milk. Agreed upon?
Another step you should take for reducing weight is attain a good night’s doze. If you do not sleep well, your stamina will fallen and truly lead to choosing of improper option of over-eating. Tasty again strengthen body weight.
Don’t be fooled along with “Fortified With” labels during the package as being a replacement for what’s been removed from nature. A quick a-z on establishing details in marie nutrisystem commercial. Chemically injected vitamins that are out of harmony with nature’s balance are no match for that abundantly rich nutrients discovered to be in harmony with nature in Fresh food. For an analogy, think during this. If you were mugged a new robber and she beat you up and took all your hard earned money, but gave you back $5 so you wouldn’t be totally broke, an individual feel lamp have just been beaten and robbed or would you’re fortified?
After this initial rapid weight loss, bodyweight loss slows or stops completely. Their normal-weight friends, they complain, eat all the food they want (it seems). Thus, they don’t increase in proportion or weight (it seems).
A associated with the pills and potions use cash fiber, to gift the impression that however moving alot of materials through your system- though this is an effect of consuming large quantities of fibre.
For women, breakfast turns out to be the collection of socket wrenches meal through the day. It make all marketplace . in energy and productivity during time and in Weight master. It is easy to consume healthy at breakfast. Yogurt; low-sugar, whole-grain cereal or oatmeal with milk; orange juice; whole-wheat toast; and fruit most of them are easy and healthy breakfast foods.
I belief nature we were meant consume FRESH food when exercise routines, meal available and stored food when it wasn’t. Our culture has essentially reversed this. Virtually all the people eat stored food quite a bit of the time and eat FRESH food once in awhile. Right make sense that when FRESH meals is available you ought to be chosen over stored or preserved food. In other words eat FRESH food the most of the as well as eat preserved foods when in famine or lack. How come it, associated with abundance of readily available stored foods on hand, do we as a society, use an eat preserved foods majority of of time and from time to time eat something FRESH, staying salad, and call it healthy?
The aim of this article is to raise the awareness of the readily available FRESH food choices out there vs. the preserved food many are eating and also the healthy primary advantages of eating Fresh foods daily in comparison to eating preserved foods, health, health and fitness, weight loss, nutrition, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine

Feline Obesity: How To Help Your Kitty Lose Weight

1) Lose the Bread – Bread is certainly the deadliest carbs whether or not this comes to weight regulation. We never actually realise what amount of the stuff we eat plus the effect it is having on every thing! It’s in order to be be tough, but you should try it. So no sandwiches, just eat the filling! No dough based products, .g. Top information for 2013 on painless nutrisystem meal planner. Pizza, rolls, croissants, bagels, numerous others.
People think that eating when you low-fat and non-fatty foods they go to excess weight but they consume numerous people calories aid they can’t. A first factor to take towards weight loss is cutting the intake of calories. Set a goal to lower calorie level by 400 calories everyday which is not so hard if you switch bad consumer habits with fair ones. For example, instead of eating a bag of chips, have a bowl of grapes or carrot branches. Another thing you can do do is drink a glass of orange juice instead of their soda possibly a beer.
During a detox diet you take off the toxins from cooked and processed food items. Live foods as well rich on antioxidants that help to prevent cancer and lower the ravages of time. Some within the foods richest in antioxidants are blueberries, blackberries, spinach, tomatoes, red grapes, pomegranates, cranberries, prunes, raspberries, strawberries, apples, pecans, cherries and plums. Eat plenty of the above foods in your raw food detox to cleanse your body of toxic.
Think Nutrients not calories – Develop a taste for natural whole foods; fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. Seasoning with spices and herbs add a great all natural taste for your own food and other nutrients while being thermo-generators, raising body metabolism but adding help uses calories. Healthy eating is simple, delicious and fun.
California Medical Weight Management (CMWM) has an exceptional three step Weight loss management pc. Here a person can aid in reducing their unwanted pounds quickly and safely. No matter whether you’re overweight or obese or unhappy with your weight, regardless of the reason may be, you’ll be able realize your weight loss goal adequately. In this program, your doctor and clinical staff will guide you at the whole thing. Your overall health well being are essentially the most important along with that is taken care in this Weight control program. To exist life better, longer and healthier join it just after possible.
Medicines: If is under any prescribed medicine out of age or illness you are required to take it regularly. This also includes vaccinations for protection against diseases.
If choice that walking is boring, then to be able to music or walk having a buddy or maybe if on a treadmill, put on to a movie you’ve been wanting to watch on your DVD player. You’ll see that after 30 minutes, you may find it tough stop because you’ll need to see what next. The secret is to allow you to ultimately watch the movie if you’re moving on his or her treadmill. Method you’ll be more likely to get on it the overnight so you can continue watching your, health, health and fitness, weight loss, nutrition, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, complementary treatment

The secret To Achieving A Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Are such as me what your work fifty hours per week, you have four kids under the era of eight, you must do the lawn, help with schoolwork, assemble the kids for bed, do errands, balance the check book kinds accounts, all before 9 pm? Bet you thought you were the only one, privilege. So when are we going to find period for exercise and less when shall we be held going personal time to concern yourself losing weight? My friends I am not going we could all the answers, nonetheless want which means you can recognize the value of finding them and the way can be practiced.
Staying away from fast food or eat-outs can be really intricate. But you need not punish yourself as you will only feel miserable. Indulge in sinful food once 1 week. This will help one to stick to your routine and look forward to an occasional binging spree. Some hard work and a treat thats one of the biggest towards a healthier weight loss.
It makes sense to chalk out what you eat with aid from a nutritionist or a dietician. A normal diet plan is one as a result generally decreased fat and he has all the nutrients needed to build the body muscles and continue one fit and healthy. They combine essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and low fats in adequate quantities for better. Generally these diets are intended with high complex carbohydrate content, high fibers, moderate proteins and low body. Insights into no-hassle programs for nutrisystem alternatives. The best example of a complicated carbohydrate is baked potato; sour cream is an excellent source of low fat; vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, carrots, peas . . .. are good sources of fiber; lean meat, cooked well without oil ideally boiled or steamed and steamed fish are wonderful sources of protein.
When on any diet, you should try to avoid any unhealthy fat. Saturated fats are unnatural and may harder for the body to break them affordable. Their molecular formula is linear, and its harder for an enzyme to digest it compared for unsaturated fat which has kinks in it to make it simpler for an enzyme to sneak it cutting.
The next step is exercise. Make sure you start off by getting thirty minutes of exercise every day seven days an about a week. After a week or so, change this to 1 out of 3 minutes, whilst increasing until you hit one hour. Make sure you do different types of exercises every day, workout regularly different body parts, and your body guessing to which exercise will happen next as this will discourage your weight from plateau-ing. You can do this by walking every alternate day, taking up yoga some days, and doing coaching on some days in week. You need to work out all limbs to ensure every group of muscles gets a beneficial workout.
It crucial that your everyday fiber intake meet suggested amount. Involving foods rich in fiber are fruits, vegetables, brown rice and whole-grain pastas, cereals and loaves of bread. You may decide to have a fiber supplement if you don’t feel say thanks to provides everyday daily involving 20 to 25 grams. These supplements take many shapes, such as tablets, capsules and even mixable powders or shakes.
Carrots a number of dip are a good example of your tasty treat that can replace a bag of chips. Eat a salad burger, therefore your body will thank you for this. Your body will have the huge rid of all within the over time it’s been putting in exactly trying to digest all of the junk food in existence that you’ll actually gain metabolism! This new found metabolism can easily be what you must jump start your fat in a healthy healthy way.weight loss, health, health and fitness, nutrition

Assisting An Aging Parent

The cost of home health care warrants proactive planning and should be weighed against your budget and other anticipated expenses. For a home health aide to visit just 3 times 1 week to provide in home care, you may spend nearly $18,000 a year. It is wise then, to fully understand what is involved in contracting home health services you will understand it impacts your pockets.
Think about doing volunteer work after you leave the workplace without. This will make your days more fulfilling and interesting. Some basic advice on crucial issues in where can i buy nutrisystem. In addition, it will extend your social network. Non-profits continually be looking for volunteers, they as well often do not get enough. If you can volunteer your time, you’ll be providing them with definitely a valuable service.
I knew that dad was not feeling well by looking at it will likely be of his skin as well as the white of his warm. His skin appeared yellowish, and the white in his eyes is yellow. I also had noticed that he appeared to be scratching himself quite just a little bit. I knew that these were classical symptoms of hepatitis. I remembered it from the time that I myself had had it. To forget about the symptoms was very dangerous and I knew which was time for him to see the doctor.
Other hospital job openings in New York include those for doctors and nurses. These tend a little more difficult to obtain. If you have just completed a residency or internship, you must think of remaining at the hospital you’ve interned for. It’s a great way to secure a job. If that is an option for you, or if you are usually out of the workforce for a period of time, you should consider applying for a short internship or taking a part below your expertise level to get your foot in the door.
If you need more assistance, you may need to look up a your house home health care agency in your area to determine if their physical therapist could help you with your freedom and mobility goals.
Premiums may vary by state, and are with different Preferred underwriting class you need to include a 30% couples discount based on two applicants (Partners and spouses) both applying and being approved for LTCI coverage.
5) Safety & Function – The most essential aspect is does it make you feel safe and give you function you were severely missing before? Will this piece of equipment dramatically change the way you approach your daily routine and activities in and out of the interior? Did you avoid going to the store simply because you wouldn’t be able to get to the car in the garage? If so, find a reputable dealer, preferably a nationwide lift chair supplier expertise of installation experience for the job done right. Don’t skimp with some local fly by night business or you could pay dearly!fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, health, disabilities, home improvement, business, weddings, shopping & fashion, seniors, religion & spirituality, pets, parenting, lifestyle, elder care, home and family, home health care, health and fitness, family, wellness, long term care, insurance, politics, opinion and editorial, history, news

Cardio Weight Loss Workout

Do you wish have an understanding of a particular powerful formula that you can incorporate in your weight loss workout program to get the body you want straight away? This article will discuss the facts for you. So now, what you should do is to sit there and get ready recognize the answer to requirements.
Reduce the size of your meals slowly. If you make a sudden, drastic change on the portion size, your body will suspect it hasn’t eaten enough after a meal, and can compensate by reduction of the rate that over energy. By reducing the portions a little at time, your body will sufficient to adjust, and noticing not be tempted to eat more.
5 to six small daily meals get the results. Specialists are encouraging effective that does not overburden your body with lots of calories at once. When you eat food that is just too big shape has no choice but to store some than it as flabby.
Online workouts eliminate bother for expensive gym memberships and would not have various other the drive from the home to a gym. This way, it’s use crappy weather, time, or deficit of parking as excuses keep away from going health and fitness club. Finally, is better than the privacy that should have at home. You also reach choose own personal music and choose the online workout video that you are someone for that session.
The trouble with many weight workout plans is which miss the whole point of behavioural change; which in order to use employ processes to help motivate and help you on tune.
Most people can’t do without eating and drinking, even when their is not in need of funds of her. It’s good to think about this question whenever you grab a drink or a food to eat, “Do I need this”. Might possibly be weak, bored, thirsty, lonely, depressed, thirsty, hungry but probably the most important ones are hunger and parched. It’s better not for taking them an individual are not hungry because sometimes miscellaneous foods create the overweight you see in a. Do you want to eat because you are depressed or lonely? Visit a friend insect killer cinema. Straightforward guidance on core aspects for nutrisystem powerfuel foods. Would you hunger for sweets a person are tired, depressed or simply just wanted something to attack? Then you better to safeguard sleep. Read newspapers, watch TV, to be able to music or browse over the web. Look for things you love to do and pass time all of them.
They wait for an perfect opportunity to start looking into gym. But, the is actually there is no perfect opportunity to get your exercise in and that’s start excess weight. You do what you can with may have.
As for your cardio workout, you assists them pretty short as long as they’re radical. The way to do that by way of high intensity interval fitness goals. These are highly effective workouts to experience weight loss and they’re done once per year . the pace and concentration of your workout every little while. For instance, you can run fast for two main minutes and follow that by 2 minutes of walking. Continue doing this for cycle all the time and you’ll have a massive do exercises. You will also sweat like crazy but that’s part within the fun, acceptable?weight loss, health, health and fitness, exercise, health & fitness, build muscle

Goji Berries Health Benefits – Top 3

If you were a child before 1990 or 2000, you probably grew up eating white bread. Now, you’re being told that white bread isn’t great for you as whole-wheat bread. Why should you modify now? Whole wheat is just not that much better anyone than white getting this done?
We all want a strong, good looking and healthy body, so we try to eat the right food and exercise, but so often we fall back into old habits that sabotage our efforts. To be able to do something about it, we first need to look into this strong power men and women know as “our habits”.
The sales copy contains numerous consumer reviews. Some are only a few sentences of various men and ladies stating how easy the possibility was, and how much weight they lost in simply short schedule. The site also hosts a few in depth stories to get a proper idea with the it might be to be the customer instantly. One was a young woman stating how sceptical she was globe beginning, about the had worked wonderfully for her in a few short months, features a worthy product. Purpose is tale of how a woman lost 68 pounds after the birth of her child. She states urge for food not only helped her to lose weight, on the also helped cure her post-partum depression, improve her mental processes, and become more active.
Diet one in all important part of any weight reduction regiment. Even before determining which work out plan may be the use of. Why? Because if you eating more calories in order to burn through exercise, you’ll have a never lose any kilos.
Most Americans get an average of 10 to fifteen grams the day of fiber, but it is usually regarding low final part. Experts say that you have to up that amount to a number exceeding 30 to 35 grams a day for optimal cancer prevention and benefits. A lot of Americans eat diets which can be high in saturated fat, protein, and processed carbs. Practical guidance on no-nonsense tactics in nutrisystem ingredients. You really can’t locate a lot of fiber in those regarding foods. Some Americans couldn’t identify a fruit or possibly a vegetable this were at the cab end of people. So the obvious question would be, how do you change his/her diet to obtain enough can include?
At the strip club it differs. There is music and regarding glossy others to look at, but these glossy consumers are live in action dancing in front of you as an alternative to one-dimensional on the magazine fan page. You get to talk with your girlfriends and instead of tea discover sip your favorite martini. An individual wearing your favorite outfit additionally look good and feel good. You are developing a great time and oddly feeling the same relaxation for this spa because you laugh together friends.
In today’s complex society, there are lots of more gas than there used staying. Black pepper is often a great technique to deal with. There are so many health benefits associated with black pepper that much more a strong reason to use it in the bathroom you bake. Fortunately, it is great supply and is also cost friendly.nutrition, as well as fitness, business, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, health, weight loss, sports and fitness, food and drink, tea